Affordable Software Development

Welcome To Mogulcode

Affordable software development for South African startups and small businesses

Who We Are

First and foremost we are passionate about code. With 20 years of experience writing software for large corporates, our team have come together to bring that experience to the budding SME community in South Africa.

If you're an SME or a Startup and have need of some of the below services, drop us a line and we'll work with you to find and implement a solution that is appropriate to your needs

  • Full stack system development
  • Website development
  • Email hosting with Office 365
  • System Integration
  • Relational Database design and development
  • Cloud migrations with Microsoft Azure
  • VBA/Excel/Office Macros

Primary Services

Full stack system development

Let us build you a full system, from an e-commerce website to a full multi site distributed application hosted in the cloud.

Website development

A simple website to promote your business. If you bring us a design and a theme, we can develop (and host) a static site for you.

Email hosting with Office 365

Office 365 brings a lot of benefits to your business, like reliable email hosting, free applications and more.

More Services

System Integration

We can get any data from anywhere to anywhere else through the use of multiple tools and integration providers on the market today.

Relational Database design and development

We've been designing complex relational systems for large enterprises for 20 years.

Cloud migrations with Microsoft Azure

Latency and regulation make it difficult for South African businesses to move to cloud. However Microsoft and AWS are opening local datacenters in South Africa. Now is the time to move to cloud!

VBA/Excel/Office Macros

Like it or not, Excel macros are here to stay, and we understand why. The power and flexibility of the Excel platform is a key component for many South African businesses.


Our prefered model is agile. Incremental releases with incremental reviews and testing. We therefore prefer to price accordingly. We will work with you to break a project into bite sized chunks or phases with high level estimates of timelines per phase. Each phase will deliver some functionality or benefit to you. As we tackle each phase we will break it down into more granular chunks with more accurate time commitments. As each phase is delivered your payment is due for that phase and then we tackle the next one.

We charge a flat rate of R500/hour regardless of the nature of the work we are required to do, Development, Analysis, or even Architectural design. Our rate is below the market average for development and well below the market average for Architectural design.

Source code remains the property of Mogulcode unless otherwise discussed and agreed